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Morning Recovery

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Okay, we know that comparison charts aren't that sexy, but neither is the morning after drinking too much. With a finite number of happy hours and so much at stake, we designed this visual aid to help you quickly distill fact from fiction.

Our chart shows Morning Recovery versus all the other elixirs out there that claim to help you bounce back the next a.m. Sure, some of them do some things well, but we like to think of our formula as the complete package — ingredients, science (we work with leading experts at the USC School of Pharmacy to develop our products), and serious bounce back-ability.

After all, if you don't start tonight with the right wingman for your liver, you've got a lot to lose tomorrow: productivity, hydration, the contents of your stomach... And that's just one morning. After all, we want the same thing as you: to live life to the fullest without losing time. And unlike other brands, we don't sacrifice on details like taste, convenience or electrolyte content, so you don't have to miss out on the fun. "

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Invest in R&D with leading advisors at USC School of Pharmacy

No Yes


extracted liver superhero DHM for maximum purity & effectiveness

No Yes


powered by more balanced electrolytes than leading sports drinks

No Yes


contains liver-friendly milk thistle, vitamins B & C, and prickly pear extracts known to support health

No Yes


versatile and delicious flavor plays well with spirits you love

No Yes


travel-friendly, take-anywhere size makes it perfectly portable, sippable & mixable

Yes Yes

*Based on dihydromyricetin

Customers Rave

Our fans are our greatest road testers. Check out what they're saying...

I have tried many products and they do not even compare

By Lexi W. on February 28, 2018

This drink really works! I have tried many products and they do not even compare. I will always have a supply of Morning Recovery!!!

You're going to feel 5x better than with out it

By Evan S. on February 1, 2018

Simple instructions- do what you do  and then drink Morning Recovery right before bed. Tastes better than you think it would. When you wake up, you're going to feel 5x better than with out it. Why not spend $5 to feel amazing? I've noticed this works better if I sleep a full 9 hours rather than 6 hours. Would definitely recommend!

I feel refreshed the next day

By Tara W. on January 15, 2018

I bought Morning Recovery for NYE. I had a few events that weekend that included adult beverages. I took it before bed as instructed and it worked! My issue was that I travel a lot with a carry on bag. I thought the 3.4 oz bottles were too large for air travel. I bought a competitor’s product that was in powder form for my birthday trip to Dublin. The powder was gross and hard to get down. It also was not as effective as Morning Recovery. I find Morning Recovery to be pleasant to drink and I feel refreshed the next day. I’m definitely sticking to it for all my party Recovery need!

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The business opportunity was massive. Month after month, nearly half of customers would buy again, which was telling of how sticky the product was...

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So what is it about this drink that has everyone so excited? The secret to that is an herbal ingredient called dihydromyricetin (DHM) found in...

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We know mornings after are a big deal. After all, you've got a lot to lose (hydration, productivity, self-respect....). Try Morning Recovery during your next night out and wake up feeling awesome. Why miss out on tonight because you're worried about tomorrow?