Introducing Morning Recovery V2

Introducing Morning Recovery V2

Dear MR Community,

We’re thrilled to launch Version 2 of Morning Recovery. We went back to the lab with our team at USC to improve our product efficacy significantly. 


Here are some of the ways we made V2 superior:

  1. Our proprietary DHM extract is 10x stronger. We extract DHM ourselves to preserve the highest purity and efficacy. This is our hero flavonoid.
  2. We added NAC, which helps neutralize and break down toxins in the liver.
  3. We added red ginseng and green tea extracts to provide anti-inflammatory benefits.
  4. We rebalanced our electrolyte mix — we have more packed into our 100mL bottle than leading sports energy drinks.
  5. We reduced sugar count from 11g to 7g.


Money-back guarantee!

We gave V2 samples to those who didn’t fall in love at first sip with V1. Here’s a glimpse of what our customers are saying about V2:

I finally had the opportunity to try one of the V2 drinks and I can say it was 100 fold better than V1. I was incredibly impressed with the way the company reached out to me personally and even invited me to try V2 before its release. I'm very pleased with the new version. - Kendal B.

Tried V2 this past weekend. It's much stronger compared to original Morning Recovery. The original worked fine but V2 seriously had no drag, no headache, no tiredness, no vomit. 5 stars. - Minji K.

I came home last night after a happy hour that somehow stretched into a happy six hours and found the new Morning Recovery formulation in my mailbox. I drank one, went to sleep, and... Frankly, I am amazed at how normal I feel this morning. Wow. - Albert O. 

There are going to be one or two of you who don’t love V2 like we do. We’re all about the hassle-free refund. Give us a try, and share your feedback with us.


Thank you for being an early supporter.

— Sisun Lee